Moray Coast Privacy Policy


Reviewed 11/4/2018

As a Veterinary Practice, we are bound to operate according to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Code of Professional Conduct. This in turn is enshrined in law in the Veterinary Surgeons Act.

Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966

1966 CHAPTER 36

An Act to make fresh provision for the management of the veterinary profession, for the registration of veterinary surgeons and veterinary practitioners, for regulating their professional education and professional conduct and for cancelling or suspending registration in cases of misconduct; and for connected purposes.

Chapter 13 of the Code of Professional Conduct states;

13.1  Clinical and client records should include details of examination, treatment administered, procedures undertaken, medication prescribed and/or supplied, the results of any diagnostic or laboratory tests (including, for example, radiograph, ultrasound or electrocardiogram images or scans), provisional or confirmed diagnoses, and advice given to the client (whether over the telephone or in person). They should also include outline plans for future treatment or investigations, details of proposed follow-up care or advice, notes of telephone conversations, fee estimates or quotations, consents given or withheld, contact details and any recommendations or discussion about referral or re-direction.

This means we are legally obliged to obtain, store and process information about our clients in order to fulfil our duty as Veterinary Surgeons. Our commitment to protecting the welfare of animals under our care means we need to be able to contact our clients about matters relevant to their animals, using the information we hold. 

This information will include;

  • Address details
  • Contact details including phone numbers and email addresses
  • Financial information
  • Clinical records

All information of this nature is stored securely and will be processed according to the confidentiality requirements of the Code of Professional Conduct.

We will use this information to contact our clients according to their stated preferences for method of contact.

Preferences for contact method will be established when we take on a new client, and regularly checked for existing clients through our computer Practice Management System.

We will not share any data with any other party without the specific consent of our client, unless compelled to do so for legal reasons.

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