Moray Coast Premier Health Plan

Budget monthly for your pet’s health!

MCVG offers a practice membership scheme that allows you to spread
the cost of your pets routine treatments via Direct Debit, and provides discounts on other items in the practice.

The plan provides your pet with – a full clinical examination twice yearly
– annual booster vaccinations
– worming treatments (sufficient for 12 months)
– flea treatments (sufficient for 12 months)

Plus 10% discount off routine vet and nurse consultations, neutering, pet foods,routine dental scale and polishing, additional vaccinations eg. Kennel cough, additional worming eg. Lungworm, and
tick prevention.

In addition, special seasonal offers may be made available to members.

Health plans are available for cats, dogs and rabbits. The monthly cost depends on the type of animal and, in the case of dogs, the size of
the pet.

If you are interested in starting a healthplan for your pet, please speak to a member of staff at any of our branches.

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