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Moray Coast Vet Group has been serving the farms of the Moray coast area and further afield for around 40 years. We are proud of our established relationship with the farming community. Despite our long history of farm vetting we are still enthusiastic about progressing and we constantly seek new ways to improve our service.

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There are always two vets on duty at nights and weekends. This means that, except in remarkable circumstances, there should be a vet available to visit you at all times. All out of hours phone calls are routed to an answering service. Even if the duty vet has their hands full, your call will be answered promptly and a vet will be informed of your requirements. All our vets carry full surgical kits so that any surgical emergencies can be dealt with immediately.

Individual sick animals are an important part of our work. All the vets are experienced with dealing with the common farm species. Our close proximity to the S.A.C. labs means that if any samples need to be taken to confirm a diagnosis, results will be returned as quickly as possible.

Health Planning is the most important aspect of our work on farms. Whether it’s an informal chat during a ceasar or a sit-down analysis of your whole livestock enterprise. We have the experience and enthusiasm to help you,
Reduce disease incidence.
Reduce treatment costs.
Improve productivity.
Discussing why you do what you do, and finding areas you can improve, is a rewarding process. An annual planning meeting is time well spent.

After disease control, fertility is the next most important part of our farm work.
We are experienced in using our two ultrasound scanners to provide early information about pregnancy in cattle. If problems are identified, we are equipped to check the fertility of your bulls, and collect samples from your cows as appropriate.
Bull fertility assessments are conducted on your farm and we work to BCVA guidelines.
We use an electro-ejaculator for a safe, controlled method of sample collection, and most of the information is provided to you there and then. We are trained to certify bulls before sale. And we encourage you to check bulls you have just bought, as well as checking all bulls annually.
If you just wish to synchronise some females, to make your breeding period more efficient, we can discuss all the options with you, and tailor a programme that suits you

On the majority of farms this is done manually. However, with our ultrasound scanner we can perform accurate PDs from four weeks post-service. The scanner is used extensively on our dairy farms and, increasingly, suckler farmers are seeing the advantage of having early fertility information.

We firmly believe in the value of vaccination programmes to reduce your use of antibiotics. The timing and choice of vaccines should be tailored to your individual farm, so please speak to our vets for advice.
Most medicines are held in stock at our Forres and Nairn surgeries. We can arrange for them to be picked up at our Lossiemouth and Balloch branches, or our vets can drop them off with you when they visit.
Anything that we don’t have in stock can be ordered before 5pm to arrive in Forres the next working day.

Once you’ve identified a disease on your farm, what should you do next? Our farm vets are experienced in talking you through the options for control and eradication. We have experience of helping herds and flocks just like yours, and we can advise on the benefits of joining a health scheme, if it’s appropriate. For advice on BVD, Johnes, IBR, Enzootic abortion, or anything else, just ask.

MVCG have a mobile foot trimming crush to make examining and trimming the feet of cattle easier, including bulls.

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